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The "Cold Call Presentations" Myth

Sales professionals, new to selling or business development, might view the opportunity to make a presentation on the spot as a positive event, especially when they learn how hard it is to set a...

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Offshore Software Development

Offshore software development plays an important role in engrossing the requirement of technological solutions. In this modern world, there is a constant and ongoing requirement of technology. And to meet this constant requirement or...

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What Is an Acceptable Hold Time?

The most important role in the call center business is that of the customers. Customers are the blood of the call center industry. Without customers, more specifically happy customers, call centers will go out...

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How to Open a Mail Parcel Shipping Store

Consulting services for opening a mail parcel packing and shipping store can be expensive. That’s why we wrote the book in 2002 and of which many have taken advantage. What’s the best way to...

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